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Recently Added CMBH Groups

Mindfulness Practices for Stress Reduction: 8-Week Group Program 

When: October 14th till December 9th, 2017, 9:30 to 12:00pm

Participants in this program will learn the core skills of mindfulness meditation and be guided in how to weave mindfulness into the fabric of their day-to-day lives. This group is appropriate for those who are new to mindfulness but would like to begin to practice it regularly as well as those who are already practicing mindfulness but wish to deepen their understanding and skills. Participants receive a graduated training in formal and informal mindfulness practice. By the end of the program, participants can expect to be firmly established in their mindful meditation practice and their use of mindfulness in everyday life.

Instructor: Ian Singer, MSW, RSW

Course Fee: $800.00


Recently Added CMBH Events

Thriving Through Transition with Presence: A Weekend Retreat of Mindful Drumming, Photography and Meditation

When: Saturday, September 23rd and Sunday, September 24th, 2017

This retreat offers innovative tools to thrive through change. Together we will explore mindful drumming, photography and meditation to see life from different perspectives and to cultivate presence, resiliency and self-compassion. With presence and self-compassion we can learn to develop greater trust in our ability to move through challenging transitions with greater ease, while feeling energized, calm, and centred. Drumming increases vitality, connection, wellbeing and enhances positive relationships. Photography, practiced as mindful seeing, promotes attention regulation, perception of new perspectives and flexible responsiveness to ourselves and to others. This retreat takes place in the magical beaver valley, where the beauty of nature can support our cultivation of presence, connection, and wellbeing.

Instructors: Shari Geller, Ph.D, C.Psych.

Early Bird Special Rate! $400 until August 25th, 2017 (regular rate: $450)

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Professional Training 


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT): Basics, Nov. 17-18th 2017
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT): Beyond Basics, Jan. 8-22nd, Feb 5-12th, 2018
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT): Intensive, Mar. 19-26, Apr 9-23rd, 2018

Dr. McMain will once again be offering a three-part dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) training in partnership with University of Toronto. All information and registration is available by clicking the link below.


Instructor: Shelley McMain, Ph.D, C.Psych.

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