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Mindfulness and Compassion-Based Workshops

We offer several mindfulness and compassion-based workshops for both clients and health professionals. These groups focus on developing present moment awareness, without judgment, with acceptance and in relationship with others. Groups offered at CMBH include:


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is an evidenced-based treatment developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan to help individuals who experience intense unpredictable emotions. DBT uses mindfulness techniques and cognitive behavioural strategies to help individuals regulate their emotions and behaviours effectively. DBT Skills Training groups are designed to promote effective coping through learning behavioural skills. Participants are taught how to identify and label intense emotions as well as how to manage those feelings by applying effective behavioural strategies. Behavioural skills help individuals regulate emotions, tolerate distress, increase mindfulness and resolve interpersonal conflict effectively. Click here for more details on DBT skills training at CMBH.

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Cultivating presence leads to better health and improved relationships as well as a neurophysiological state of integration. TRM™ is an innovative treatment approach combining group drumming, mindfulness and emotion focused awareness to help cultivate presence.  TRM™ is designed to increase positivity, vitality and connectedness, while reducing distress and mood disturbance. TRM™ is helpful for people with a variety of physical and emotional challenges such as cancer, terminal illness, chronic pain, depression and anxiety.

 This approach enhances personal growth, group empowerment, overall health as well as building a sense of connection among participants. For further information on Therapeutic Rhythm and Mindfulness (TRM™), click HERE

TRM™ is also designed for health care providers, educators and anyone in the field of helping for both cultivating presence and self-care:

Cultivating Presence with Rhythm and Mindfulness: Promoting Harmony, Resilience and Well-Being (for health professionals)

Being fully present activates harmony and integration in our body, brain and relationships. Presence also enhances our health, wellbeing, and relationships. This workshop will use the Therapeutic Rhythm and Mindfulness (TRM) program to cultivate presence, a unique approach combining group drumming, mindfulness and emotion focused awareness. Rhythm modalities offer a fun and expressive way of increasing vitality and social connectedness. Mindfulness helps to enhance attention, focus, and present moment awareness. Together we will play with rhythm and practice mindfulness as a path to cultivate presence and integration. Take home tools will be woven into the workshop and with these practices, we can develop new ways to deepen our listening and relating while feeling energized, calm, and centered. With self-care comes an enhanced energy and capacity to feel connected with and to care compassionately for others.

Ideal for health care professionals, educators, parents and anyone interested in cultivating presence. Click here for a list of upcoming TRM events.

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MAST is a four-week group that teaches emotion regulation skills through psycho-education and mindfulness practice. Mindfulness is a skill that is useful for many aspects of our lives and teaches us to be engaged with the present moment in all that comes our way. In this 4-week group, participants are introduced to different mindfulness practices that help surf the waves of overwhelming emotions. The group learns how mindfulness can help regulate emotions and positively influence neural connections in the brain. Participants come away with information and concrete tools to develop greater emotional stability in their lives.

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This 6 weekly 90 minute mindfulness graduate group is intended

for people who have a mindfulness practice and are looking to deepen or reset their practice with the support of a group.  Participants who have previously completed a structured mindfulness program such as Mindfulness Based Cognitive therapy (MBCT), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) or through their own path of meditation or yoga will find this group helpful in sustaining their practice. In each session we will do a formal guided sitting or movement practice followed by a discussion on themes such as self-compassion, interpersonal practice, and bringing mindfulness into daily life.

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This workshop introduces you to gentle yoga movements aimed at cultivating self-compassion. You will explore movement sequences, breathing exercises and mindfulness practices that foster greater self-acceptance and kindness toward yourself. This innovative work weaves together the conceptual framework of self-compassion theory developed by leading American researcher Kristin Neff with the yoga pedagogy of Vanda Scaravelli. This unique combination results in movements that help to foster an enduring connection between the mind and body and to embody a kinder and softer relationship with oneself.

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Our Featured Mindfulness and Compassion Based Therapies

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