Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dr. Shelley McMain, in partnership with the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies, leads a full Certificate Program in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. This training is for those wanting to learn DBT at an intensive level and for those who wish to better implement the treatment model in their practice. The certificate program is structured into two foundation courses followed by three specialized courses. While the Certificate Course is designed to train clinicians seeking advanced learning in DBT, you may consider taking courses individually to concentrate on specific topics. Each course provides rigorous content, applied training, exercises, role-playing, activities and other multimedia. The specific learning objectives of the Certificate Program are as follows:

  • Explain DBT’s biosocial theory, theoretical underpinnings and treatment principles.
  • Create and employ DBT treatment plans for clients based on a DBT-informed case formulation.
  • Implement a range of DBT strategies including validation, problem assessment and solution analysis, dialectics, structural, and motivational strategies.
  • Apply the skills from DBT skills modules: Core Mindfulness; Interpersonal Effectiveness; Emotion Regulation; and Distress Tolerance.
  • Plan and execute a DBT Consultation Team and deploy DBT techniques to constantly improve team functioning.

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