The Cultivation of Therapeutic Presence with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

The Cultivation of Therapeutic Presence with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Dr. Shari Geller leads training in the Cultivation of Therapeutic Presence (TP), a foundational and trans-theoretical approach designed to create effective therapeutic relationships. TP involves being fully present on a multiplicity of levels: physically, emotionally, cognitively, and relationally. TP helps therapists attune to themselves while being attuned to others to most effectively help. The grounded and expanded awareness developed thought TP is offered in the service of another’s healing. It is an essential foundation to developing a positive and healthy therapeutic relationship and to utilize treatment approaches from different perspectives most effectively. In this training, you will develop a theoretical and experiential understanding of therapeutic presence. You will also explore how mindfulness practice and self-compassion helps remove barriers to presence and deepens your state of therapeutic presence. Through the TP training, you will:

  • Learn an empirically-validated model and key skills of therapeutic presence along with practices for cultivating presence within clinical relationships.
  • Understand the neurological underpinnings of therapeutic presence, client safety, and effective clinical relationships
  • Explore mindfulness and self-compassion practices to deepen the state of therapeutic presence.
  • Practice presence and self-compassion techniques within your clinical work and within your day-to-day living to sustain emotional connection in therapeutic and everyday interactions.
  • Exercise therapeutic presence activities for clients, students, trainees and for yourself.

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