Core Values at CMBH

  • Authenticity
  • Community/Team
  • Mwe: Connection with self and community
  • Integrity
  • Growth-Oriented
  • Commitment


Authentic connections are our foundation. We value open, honest communication and celebrate the uniqueness of our clients’ and therapists’ individual journeys.


We believe in the strength of community and teamwork, striving to create a nurturing environment for a shared sense of purpose and belonging.

MWe (Me + We)

Drawing from Dr. Daniel Siegel’s work, we are committed to fostering meaningful connections. Our focus emphasizes self-discovery and building strong community ties for shared growth.


Adhering to the highest ethical standards, we emphasize transparency as a cornerstone in building trust within our relationships with clients, team members, and the wider community.

Innovation and Growth-Oriented

We foster a culture centered around innovation and advancement that meets the ever-evolving needs of our clients and the broader clinical community. This dedication ensures excellence in mental health care and skill building, aligning with our commitment to training and continuous improvement.


The well-being of our clients and community is a beacon for all we do. This commitment begins with exceptional psychotherapy service, it fosters a supportive team environment that promotes continuous learning, growth, and wellbeing for our clinical team.