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An essential part of being an effective and compassionate therapist includes the ability to be present, to care of ourselves and to cultivate self-compassion and positive well-being. Being present and compassionate in our own lives and relationships also allows for greater energy to sustain our therapeutic presence with clients and patients.

This Retreat is open for all health care professionals and will focus on cultivating the foundation of therapeutic presence and compassion with others, providing an opportunity for self-care, restoration, and connection in a beautiful nature setting. In community with other therapists, we will deepen our ability to be present and compassionate through mindfulness and self-compassion practices. These practices will focus on cultivating greater attunement and connection with ourselves, others, and with nature.

With the cultivation of presence and self-compassion, we can develop greater trust in our ability to move through work and life challenges with greater ease, while feeling energized, calm, and centered. This can help us to return to our work and care of others, with greater attention, energy, purpose, while balancing care for ourselves. No prior experience with mindfulness or self-compassion is required.

When: June 22, 23 & 24, 2023

Cost: € 935 incl. all accommodation costs (2 x overnight stay with breakfast, 2 x lunch and 2 x dinner)

Where: Monastery Hotel ZIN, Vught The Netherlands

Facilitated by: EFT Institut Nederland & Focus on Emotion Belgium

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